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GMD Architect, P.C.

5036 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 300
Commack, N.Y. 11725

Phone: 631-673-3144
Phone: 516-822-9310
Fax: 631-673-3148
E-mail: gmdirr@gmdarch.com


The firm of GMD Architect, P.C. is an Architectural firm founded in 1987 to design and engineer buildings, primarily for the Commercial, Institutional and Residential markets.

GMD Architect, P.C., hereinafter referred to as GMD, is set apart from other architectural firms by a unique approach to building.

The firm has Registered Architects ready to take on any project regardless of its size. The firm of GMD offers a complete package to the industry which includes:

  • Site Planning

  • Zoning and Code Compliance Review

  • Master Plan Development

  • Offering Plans

  • Preliminary Design Layout

  • Complete Working Drawings and Specifications

  • Letting Plans and Specifications to GC's for Bidding

  • Expediting of Plans to All Building Departments

  • Presentation to State Agencies / Boards of Standards and Appeals

  • On-site Inspections

  • Approving Monthly Requisitions to Contractors

  • Obtaining Certificates of Occupancy

While this expertise satisfies the business end of the collective effort in producing a building, it does not address the design process necessary to make a building distinctive within the community. GMD believes in the new direction of "Sustainable High Performance Green Building" placing an emphasis on constructing durable, energy efficient, healthy and environmentally sustainable buildings and homes. GMD prides itself on being able to use materials within a space to enhance that space, and to join spaces together to create a total homogenous composition all within the budget provided. Walls, ceilings, and floors do not alone create space; rather, lighting becomes an integral part of the Architecture. The lighting creates moods and different levels of lighting harmonize with color and blend to lend themselves to the human form. All of the disciplines necessary to create a timeless building are in place within the organization of GMD.

Included in the array of services required to serve the industry is that of Interior Designer and Space Planners. GMD has been selected to design office complexes, select materials and finishes that reflects the central theme the owner wishes to portray. The selection and purchase of furniture at a discount is another service rendered by GMD. The discount derived by virtue of being Interior Designers is passed along to the clients in an effort to further serve. The designs implemented lead to more efficient, aesthetic, and cost effective working environments for the client. The integration of multiple GMD services provides the maximum use of the facility designed.

In recent years, in addition to serving the Architectural Community, the firm is a consultant to many associations requiring expertise in total building restoration including masonry repair, re-roofing and waterproofing existing buildings. The firm of GMD employs a design/technical approach to the structural design of buildings to insure successful integration of all disciplines necessary to serve the owner. What makes this team approach unique is that all members of the team are multi-disciplined having both design and technical expertise. All team members are directly involved in a given project from inception through completion of construction.